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(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) anytime bby~

I wish someone would…..:)

I kinda don’t mind o 3 o

I wouldn’t mine ether😏

please .~.?

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this is what he does when he’s not being an avenger.

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The most disappointing thing about the Into The Woods movie is that Milky White is going to be a real cow not a plastic one.

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Yer a hazard, Harry! [ferribitch]


Yer a hazard, Harry! [ferribitch]

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#tbt to when Brendon went to the APMAs, sang Sinatra, and won an award!

(Definitely Wednesday, but we love a throwback anyway.)


I hate theatre




I especially hate musical theatre, it's so gay





My Mom:

Baking again sweetie? What are you making this time?


Meat Pies


When it comes to exalting, the only thing I really want is shrines. 

Like. You can peruse your hall of exalted dragons—all the dragons you’ve ever personally exalted—and pay gems to build an altar to one. You’d have an Ancestral Hall page (or something) with these altars, and you could decorate them with materials and stuff. 

Once a day, you could go to your hall and pray for your ancestors’ blessings. It’d be randomized what happened—you might get a line of text under each ancestor’s altar saying what they’re up to today (“so-and-so is helping the Arcanist research falling stars” “such-and-such is helping the Lightweaver notate texts on the Shade” “so-and-so is helping the Gladekeeper grow mighty oaks to protect her domain”). Maybe even a message directly from your deity thanking you for your service. No tangible benefit, but fun content stuff! 

And then sometimes they’d bless you with fertility (reduced odds of one-egg nests), or fortune (random events where you find things happen if you click around the site), or strength (boosted stats in the coli).

Those would be rare—usually you’d just get cute flavor text—but even so, I think it’d make exaltation really fun. It’d encourage people to exalt to their own deities, which might get more free-for-all dom pushes going.

You’d have to pay to build the altars, though! It wouldn’t make sense otherwise—and dom pushers would get enormous ancestral halls full of dragons they don’t care about. 

But yeah. Exaltation prices are all well and good, but I’d exalt dragons for nothing if they had a system like this in place. Even if the only benefit was the flavor text and cute shrines.

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